I’m Tim Marotto

The man behind TimMo Ltd

As you will be dealing with me, it’s only fair I tell you a bit about myself and what skills I bring to TimMo Ltd.

After working in the design industry for 15 years, I decided the best way to ensure my career went the way I wanted and my creativity and passion got noticed was to take control and be my own boss.

So I started TimMo Ltd, earning my money with a mix of my own clients and freelancing.

I’ve been designing stuff since I left school back in 1989, I should know what I’m doing by now!

I am fluent in all major design packages

InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress and a bit of Dreamweaver.

I have created designs for a lot of different things

Brochures, flyers, websites, online ads, HTML emails, social media, lorries, vans, datasheets, leaflets, letterheads, business cards, billboards, magazines, newspapers, packaging and direct mail pieces.

I pay attention to detail

Know speling oar grammer mistaikes hear!

I can work within a client’s corporate guidelines

BMW, Rolls Royce, MINI, Mazda, Yonex, O2, Marks and Spencer, Weight Watchers, The BBC, 3M, Sky.

I have worked for clients in many different areas

Advertising, print, automotive, property, medical, sport, pharma, recruitment, construction, retail, education, manufacturing, food and beverage, entertainment, web design, marketing.

I have a moustache, hence the company logo