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It’s true, more people now look at websites on mobile devices than ever before. Mobile devices can be smartphones or tablets.

That doesn’t mean we need to neglect desktop devices, but what it does mean is that all websites now need to be responsive.

Being reponsive means that your site should automatically scale itself to fit on any device the user wishes to view it on.

In the old days, you would just have to scroll around a lot, and often the text was too small for a phone screen, or there would be a less interesting ‘mobile’ version of the site, but now the site will end up perfectly readable on any sized screen.

Desktop is still the best way to view a site. Your screen is nice and big, and you can see all the flashy designer stuff I’ve done with it. Viewing on a mobile is often a slightly cut-down viewing experience. This is really due to the memory and size restraints of the device.

All the sites we now build are responsive.


Mobile apps are everywhere. There’s an app for almost everything now, from ordering food to fitness regimes. I can also sort your app out. I wouldn’t be coding or building it myself, that would be WWD’s job, but I would be responsible for designing it and making sure it fitted in with your branding.