The advantage of a content managed website is that it allows you to update anything on your website, intranet or extranet. It is no longer necessary to contact us to make changes – giving you greater control over one of your most valuable resources.

We aim to provide a user friendly content management system (CMS) which allows you to easily update your existing content as well as add new sections throughout your site via an intuitive interface. The WWD CMS also provides search engine compatibility, so we can tailor page names, metadata or tags to maximise the visibility of each page on your site.

The WWD CMS is database driven, in other words, all data is held in a database and can be reused in different parts of the site. Data only has to be entered or amended once for the effect to be seen throughout the site.

The WWD CMS allows you to add, delete or amend any of the following:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Navigation
  • Categories
  • Drop Down LOVs
  • Forums
  • Pages
  • Site Map
  • User and Administration Management

The WWD CMS achieves all this whilst maintaining an overall structure to your site, thus ensuring you achieve a consistent look and feel. It also provides the ability to have a members’ area for privileged users, both end-user and administration.

We can provide you with ecommerce solutions including secure online payment methods to support your business objectives. Whether utilising the product database and shopping cart functionality within a content management solution or developing a bespoke solution to interact with a third party product, we’ll ensure the site performs to optimise your business processes.

Content Management System (CMS)
A CMS is a way of managing the content of a website, allowing the site administrator to make changes easily without needing in-depth technical skills. Here at TimMo Ltd, we benefit from WWD’s own designed and coded bespoke CMS. They did this because they couldn’t find one good enough, so decided to build their own.