What is TimMo Ltd?

TimMo Ltd is a company providing graphic design, website design and creative freelance services in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hampshire.

I won’t lie to you, TimMo is a one man band

Have you ever worked with small companies who make themselves out to be bigger than they really are? I’ve worked for a couple of places like that. They make themselves look larger to win your business, then have to work extra hard just to keep up the illusion, often finding out along the way that they can’t fulfil their promises and letting the client down.

So I’m taking a new tack

TimMo Ltd is all about great, usable design and honesty. No bull. I’m hungry for your work. I love what I do. I want to grow my business.

Who doesn’t?

I’ll never make millions from design, but I want to live comfortably and give my family what they need. To do that I need YOUR custom. I work hard for you, the work I do for you makes you money.


Everything I do for you will be top quality and look great.

Your customers will love it and see you as a company they want to do business with. Image IS everything. How does an organisation expect to make money with a cheap, clunky website, a poorly designed, flimsy brochure, or a logo that just plain sucks?

With TimMo Ltd, you don’t get cheap, but you do get value for money. You get what you pay for and I believe this is more important than cheap.

I’ve proved this time and again with clients. They will often use my designs for years, simply because they paid a fair price for a great product, which has stayed current.

Satisfaction Guaranteed