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Brochure, website, flyer, leaflet, branding, logo, poster design Wokingham, Reading, Bracknell, Berkshire.

I’m is a designer and an artworker, a designer designs things, makes them look appealing. An artworker takes what a designer does and makes sure it will work, whether in print or on the web. I’m lucky, my skills range across the two disciplines, I place myself as a middleweight designer, which means whilst I won’t be doing designs for huge agency pitches, I can design to a high standard for small to medium companies. It’s where most of the work is, you wouldn’t get a heavyweight designer coming up for concepts for your business cards or brochure, but a middleweight designer will. And obviously charge you less too.

As for artworking, to be good at that you have to be fast, accurate and know the print and web industries. Which I am, and do.

It’s good news for you, as a client, because it means not only can I design you great looking stuff, but I can make sure it is accurate and looks just as good when printed or published on the web.

What is also good news for you is that as I can design and produce most of the things a business needs, I can not only help you with your logo, but your website too, and then your brochures, or vehicle signage. This is especially useful if you are a startup, as you will need a whole gamut of marketing collateral to get you started.